Prinsenhof (Or: A beautiful courtyard)

Another place that we visited in Delft was Prinsenhof, where William the Silent was assassinated. They turned his place of assassination into a museum, but I’ll leave that post for another day. For now, let’s just look at the beauty that awaits outside.

Statue within the Prinsenhof courtyard

Here you have a statue of William the Silent within the courtyard, placed exactly in the middle, if I remember correctly. The courtyard itself isn’t that big. I had to ask for Marco’s help for the transcription on it. He said that it was in Old Dutch, and reads: “my heart remained steadfast in the face of adversity”. It’s from the Dutch national anthem.

He has requested that I link to the Dutch national anthem, complete with less than stellar midi sound as a background effect.

And then you have my favorite thing . . .

Delft blauw lounge chair in Prinsenhof... a very cool place to rest!

The chair is an example of Delft blauw (Delft blue) artistry. It is large enough to fully recline on your side. Well, if you’re not too tall, that is! But anyone who knows me knows that I cannot resist the call of blue things…

Courtyard hedges of Prinsenhof

An example of the hedges that surround the statue. They are only about a foot tall – but very beautiful. It’s always nice to see small pieces of green in the middle of the city.

All in all a very relaxing place to visit!

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