Holy Soda (Or: A drink by any other name…)

Two different sodas (“pop” if you’re from Chicago… And no, Marco/Roger, not ‘Pop! Pop!’ from Magnitude.)

Holy Soda in the Netherlands

It’s Holy Soda! On the bottom of the label it says 100% goodness, so I am sure they are playing off that with the name. Of course, next to it you have Good Energy. Compare that with the Spam energy drink from a few days ago…

And then, also at Albert Heijn, you now have… Mountain Dew in bottle form (0,5 liters/17oz).

radiation green Mountain Dew bottle


The scary thing? This bottle is empty. That’s right, the bottle is also neon green! In America, it’s a bit darker to make it look more like regularly colored soda. At the moment it costs €1.09, or $1.43. Not horrible considering it’s an import product. It’s been cropping up everywhere lately. First the can form at Subway a year or two ago. This year more stores have been selling the cans. And now the bottles are for sale as well.

Personally, I will just call the color radiation green.

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