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Little V (Or: Time to be a bit fishy)

Last week was Marco’s birthday. He decided to celebrate it at Little V, a Vietnamese restaurant in The Hague. I have blogged about them once or twice… or more.

This time I decided to try something new: sea bass. It came with a delicious ginger fish sauce on the side.

Little V sea bass

I’ve had fish before, but only since I moved to the Netherlands (as I don’t think fish sticks count!). It’s been a slow process: first salmon, then pangasius, then tilapia and tuna fish. I’ve also had a small bit of eel once, but that was more of a reluctant choice. It wasn’t bad, but it’s not something I could eat often. Maybe that will change some day.

On the other hand, I was pretty happy to see that I had a personal discount this week at the local grocery store (Albert Heijn) for pangasius filet. It definitely helps to bring a bit more variety into dinner.

But a Little V blog post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of some of the drinks we had:

Little V drinks - flavor of the moment, buddha smile

On the left is my ‘Flavor of the moment’ drink. For the life of me I can’t remember what the flavor was, but it was good. On the right is Roger’s ‘Buddha smile’. That drink is made of rum, lemon grass, ginger and lemon leaf. He definitely liked it.

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The best drinks in The Hague (Or: Little V)

Earlier in the month a friend and I went to Little V in The Hague. Delicious, as always! The best Vietnamese restaurant in the city, without question.

And not just for the food – the drinks always taste as awesome as they look:

Lemonade by Little V in The Hague


Cocktail by Little V in The Hague

Quite refreshing – especially as the weather (slowwwwly) gets warmer and more people sit outside.

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Lunch and sugar cookies (Or: Summer fun)

Yesterday we celebrated Marco’s birthday at Little V, a Vietnamese restaurant. This was our first time going to Little V for lunch and it did not disappoint. I ordered an ‘eenpansgerecht’ or ‘let’s throw everything into one dish for ya’, with beef and chicken.

Lunch bij Little V (beef and chicken)

My drink was an awesome looking (and tasting) lemonade made of rose water.

Rose water lemonade by Little V in The Hague

And as a blog post bonus… a week ago I made lemon cookies! That is of note because I don’t really do the baking in the house. But this time I chose the recipe, did most of the work, and Marco was my assistant! (For the first time ever.)

Thuisgemaakt citroenkoekjes

The recipe was really good and I followed it exactly. Next time I would probably use less sugar, but I don’t have the sweet tooth I used to have so there is that. They were awesomely chewy (honest to goodness chewy!) and the lemon favor shined through perfectly.

See the recipe at Oh My Foodness (in Dutch) – including a very helpful video for people who don’t ever bake. Like me. See also her general recipe list.

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Eggnog for the holidays (Or: An American tradition)

A few weeks ago Marco and I went to Kelly’s expat store for eggnog. This is a traditional drink which is served in Canada and the United States during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. It’s a milk drink with egg mixed in. You also have some types with alcohol mixed in as well.

Borden egg nog

We actually picked up this carton for one of my friends, my “taalcoach” (language coach) from SamenSpraak. I’m actually not a fan of eggnog but maybe he will be!

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Summer! (Or: Friday night in Scheveningen)

Friday night was the annual summer party at work. Like last year, it was held at a beach restaurant in Scheveningen (about 20 minutes by tram from the city center). Coincidentally summer arrived this week with the pastures consistently higher. Some days were around 33-34C (90F+). Perfect beach weather to sit in the sun for a few hours and work on your tan…

Summer drinks at the Scheveningen beach

Summer drinks at the Scheveningen beach


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Exported root beer (Or: Random American brands)

A few days ago I was at the Albert Heijn looking at the rather small export section that they have (a few American or American-ish things, like yellow mustard and Skippy peanut butter, etc).  What always amuses me at Dutch stores is their tendency to use American-sounding brand names or packaging with American flags to label the product as AMERICAN PRODUCT BUY ME NOW.

This time I noticed the Stars and Stripes root beer, which does at least seem to be an American item, though I think they went with this brand versus the more popular and well-known root beer brands like A&W because the name was American sounding.

Stars & Stripes root beer at Albert Heijn


I’m actually not a big fan of root beer (maybe one can every 3 or 4 years?). Which is a shame, because a root beer float (root beer soda + vanilla ice cream) sounds delicious.

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Dessert in a glass (Or: Strawberry slush)

Here is one of the items we had at De Gezelligheid (a restaurant in Leusden) a few weeks back. A strawberry slush drink. Yum!

strawberry slush drink

Of course the drink would have gone over even better today, as it was officially shorts weather after getting home from work. Heat wave!

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Mint tea (Or: A first for me

At work a coworker offered me mint tea. With fresh leaves! It is the first time I have ever had it. It seems to be really popular in this country – not something I had seen before in America though I probably didn’t go to the right places.

cup of mint teaThe wedding stuff is going along well for Marco and I, although the stress has started to hit with trying to make the invitations out and get them sent to the printer. But it’s almost done…

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Holy Soda (Or: A drink by any other name…)

Two different sodas (“pop” if you’re from Chicago… And no, Marco/Roger, not ‘Pop! Pop!’ from Magnitude.)

Holy Soda in the Netherlands

It’s Holy Soda! On the bottom of the label it says 100% goodness, so I am sure they are playing off that with the name. Of course, next to it you have Good Energy. Compare that with the Spam energy drink from a few days ago…

And then, also at Albert Heijn, you now have… Mountain Dew in bottle form (0,5 liters/17oz).

radiation green Mountain Dew bottle


The scary thing? This bottle is empty. That’s right, the bottle is also neon green! In America, it’s a bit darker to make it look more like regularly colored soda. At the moment it costs €1.09, or $1.43. Not horrible considering it’s an import product. It’s been cropping up everywhere lately. First the can form at Subway a year or two ago. This year more stores have been selling the cans. And now the bottles are for sale as well.

Personally, I will just call the color radiation green.

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Spam energy drinks! (Or: Something different…)

Sometimes you just come across something a bit unexpected in the Netherlands. I would think SPAM energy drinks qualify…

Spam energy drink in the Netherlands

The two well-known meanings of spam in America..

1. Spam: the food – who knew it was short for spiced ham? spiced-ham? That almost makes it sound edible. I know some people in this world like eating it. I think.

2. Spam: e-mails you don’t want and didn’t ask for.

And now, I guess I have to add ‘energy drink’ to the mix! It even has its own Facebook fan page.

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