Dutch podcasts

What is a podcast?
An audio file which can be downloaded from the internet, or streamed from the internet. It is generally in installments (weekly, monthly, randomly). The topics can be anything – from true stories to podcasts about technology or design.

What do you need to listen to it?

If you have a phone you can download an app. The iPhone now comes pre-loaded with a Podcasts app. I use the Overcast app which has the advantage of skipping forwards or backwards 30 seconds, but that app is currently iPhone only.

What podcasts do I currently listen to or have listened to in the past?

Echt gebeurd (“Really happened”) – definitely my favorite Dutch podcast. It’s another true story type podcast, but in Dutch. The speakers are random people who have a story to tell. There are studio recordings once a month in Hilversum (with an audience present). I am just not a fan of the episodes where someone reads out of their diary from their teen years, so I skip those.

“Bij Echt Gebeurd vertellen mensen op een klein podium mooie, bijzondere of grappige verhalen over iets dat ze zelf hebben meegemaakt.”

RELAAS (“Tale” or “Narrative”) – Similar to Echt gebeurd, this is a true story podcast. The stories are told by the people who experienced the event. In addition to the podcast you can listen to the audio on the website directly. Keep in mind it is a podcast from Belgium so the accent can sometimes be difficult.

Toendra (“Tundra”) – This podcast comes from VPRO, and is – you guessed it – more stories/documentaries. You can see what my favorite type of podcast is.

“Radio Doc brengt de nieuwe serie Toendra, met even onwaarschijnlijke als meeslepende documentaires. Elke zondag om 21.45 uur op NPO Radio 1, als onderdeel van Radiodoc.”

Radioboeken (“Radio books”) – I’ve know about the internet website for a while, but didn’t get the impression that they also had a podcast. It is books in radio format – stories that are not written down. Either from Dutch or Belgium writers (with some South African stories in Afrikaans mixed in). This one is definitely more difficult to translate and it requires more of my attention, so it’s a bit harder to listen to at work.

1 minuut / Plots – 1 minuut is a podcast with stories that last about 1 minute each. A great way to learn the language. My only criticism is that you need to have a podcast player that can automatically play the next episode, but that is nothing against the podcast itself. On the other side you have ‘Plots’, true stories told over about 45 minutes. Both are by VPRO, as is Toendra above.

VPRO also has podcasts ‘1 minuutjes jeugd’ and ‘1 minuutjes kleuters’, both of which are more appropriate for children to listen to.

Man met de microfoon (Man with the microphone) – along with some regular episodes, this podcast also includes episodes filmed daily during the corona lockdown in spring 2020. The episodes are titled Lock Down aflevering 1-10 (lockdown episodes 1-10) and similar. It does provoke an “Oh yeah… I remember that…” feeling if you go back and listen to it now.

De Paulien Cornelisse podcast – Paulien reads from her book Taal voor de leuk and De verwarde cavia. The first one is about language, whereas the second one is a fictional story about a confused guinea pig told over 100 or so episodes. I really liked the guinea pig story, and finished the entire run in about two or three days.

Do you have any Dutch language podcasts to add? Feel free to leave a comment!

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