Libraries (Or: A cool place to learn Dutch)

One of the first places I visited in the Netherlands was Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (lit: Public Library Amsterdam), which is a name of all public libraries in Amsterdam. Specifically, I went to Centrale Bibliotheek, or the central library of Amsterdam. With almost 2 million books, it is the largest public library in Europe.

Subject areas in Dutch… with helpful English below!

My first library job was as a children’s services assistant in a small public library. So I did take special interest in the children’s area. Interestingly, I had already showcased Amsterdam Public Library in a library website I made for my Information Technology class, so I was familiar with the library. But it was cool to see it in person. Before I left, I read one picture book: Tien Kleine Heksjes, or, Ten Little Witches. With help of course.

Overlooking the children’s area

Some facts and figures:

over 1,000 seats, 600 of which have PCs

28,000 square meters of space

2,000 bike racks

50 multimedia workplaces

26 automated lending machines

Gaming in the library… Note the Guitar Hero logo, although they are playing a different game.


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