Statues (Or: An unlikely coincidence half a world away)

I spent a year and a half in the Master’s in Library and Information Science (MLIS) program at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. During that time I did a bit of searching on Dutch culture and history — this was before I visited the Netherlands.

One of the things I excitedly learned was that there was a statue of William the Silent in the Hague. I didn’t really understand why his finger pointed to the Binnenhof at one time (or, more accurately, what the Binnenhof was) but I thought it was an interesting bit of trivia.

William of Orange statue at The Hague, Netherlands

But I had seen a similar statue at the College Avenue campus… one that points in a seemingly random direction. Upon further digging I realized that there was a replica of the Hague statue placed at Rutgers University, due to the University being founded by Dutch ministers back in 1766.

William of Orange Statue at Rutgers University (from Wikimedia Commons)

I kept the secret for a month, telling my then-boyfriend that I had a surprise to show to him when he was in the country again. I remember dragging him to the statue, refusing to tell him what I was going to show him, and the look on his face when he realized what it was.

Half a world away, but so close without my realizing.


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2 thoughts on “Statues (Or: An unlikely coincidence half a world away)

  1. Marco

    Yeah, I was rather surprised and then shocked to see that there. Very cool. IIRC the place/square it was located at also had a Dutch name.
    It’s always fun to see how much Dutch names, references and locations there still are in the NY/NJ area.

  2. Roger

    Wasn’t that near Scott Hall?? *chuckle*

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