Snowfall (Or: Crazy weather this winter)

Compared to last year’s weather, this winter has been remarkably mild. So far New York has averaged about 4-5″ of snow total — nothing to write home about. In fact, last year during the snowstorm that dumped 2 feet of snow on my town, I was thankfully in the Netherlands spending Christmas with Marco and his family.

Today it was about 60F (15.5C) in my town, whereas Monday night it seems to have snowed in the Hague! A bit . . .

Snowfall in the Hague, January 30th, 2012

That’s right folks. Marco in his infinite wisdom decided to hold a pop quiz testing my Dutch vocabulary. Only one word, of course.

Here’s hoping the other residents in his building pass by and do a doubletake.

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One thought on “Snowfall (Or: Crazy weather this winter)

  1. Marco

    I wiped away the letters after taking this picture.
    Didn’t want to confuse people even more by making them think we were having actual snow. 😉 (even for Dutch standards this was nothing)

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