Trains (Or: Riding the rails)

Today’s first two pictures come from Roger, Amsterdam’s #1 train commuter! It’s a long commute too: first biking to the Hague bike station, dropping off his bike, getting on the train, praying it’s not 15 minutes late again, and then sprinting from Amsterdam Centraal Station to catch is ferry to get across the river IJs. Crazy times.

Amsterdam Centraal, a train station

The train that I take is operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen, which handles 1.1 million passengers a day — more than I could have guessed.

Birds, bikes, and a train station

No blog post is complete without a picture of bikes! And also birds hunting around for food. You can also see more pictures of the station at its English Wikipedia entry.

And finally, something I found in my stash of items…

One of the the very first Dutch train ticket I held in my hands

This was one of the tickets Marco purchased for me the first trip, though not the first day itself. Which of course was an experience. I already mentioned how I arrived really late at night, due to a delayed flight from London City airport. Of course I had some jitters (that’s why we stopped and bought some drinks from Starbucks).

When we got on the train I was surprised to see how clean and spacious it was compared to the American trains I’ve been on (at least NJTransit… Amtrak is a bit more upscale). And then when we got on the train, it was kind of full, so we sat down at one of the 4 seaters (2 seats facing another 2 seats with a pretty small table in between the inner seats). There was already a gentleman there, so I asked him if we could sit there… and then immediately muttered about forgetting that I spoke English in a foreign country. …as if a good majority of the Dutch don’t know English already.

Eventually I’ll get used to the place.


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2 thoughts on “Trains (Or: Riding the rails)

  1. Margriet Brouwer

    hi Nicky, do you think our trains are clean? I suppose you were lucky, normally they are all kind of dirty!

  2. I think they are fairly clean, yes. Though of course I haven’t ridden the trains more than a handful of times. But the only trash I saw was a slightly overflowing trash can — it was underneath the table on the 4 seater mentioned above.

    I’ve probably been pretty lucky 😉

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