Temptations (Or: The real reason I am moving)

Hold on to the edge of your seats. I am going to give you a shocker. The real reason I am moving…

is chocolate!

That’s right folks. Marco had a craving for sweets a few days ago, and brownie mix was all he had in the house. So he whipped up a batch and then sent me the evidence. Tempting, tempting…

Marco’s brownies that he made from scratch

We made brownies together over Christmas the year before last. I brought some candy canes from America (hershey’s chocolate flavor, I believe). We broke them up into small pieces and then put it on top of the brownie. Back in the convection oven for a bit, to let the candy canes melt. . .

And then there’s this, two of my favorite items over in the Netherlands:

Dutch potato chips and coca cola light

Coca-cola light and paprika potato chips. Yum! I mentioned it before, but there’s definitely an abundance of paprika flavored items in this country. Sort of how Americans tend to like peanut butter in everything (peanut butter snickers, anyone?). I am not sure if you can see at the bottom of the chip bag, but it says gebakken in zonnebloemolie – baked in sunflower oil.

One of the things I had to get used to over in the Netherlands was no free refills of pop (note: not soda! I am originally from the Chicago area) at restaurants. And the glasses the drinks are served in were so, so small… compared to the America version of supersizing everything in sight. On the other hand, I don’t drink as much pop as I did when I first started visiting the Netherlands, so we’ll see if I can cut it back more in favor of water.

And then if you look at the microwave in the picture above you’ll see that it is set in military time. That’s not an issue, but it does remind me of Celsius vs. Fahrenheit. That is a lot harder to grasp. I get the idea that 32F is zero Celsius. I had to look it up that 100F was 38C (I would have guessed 36C).

But I always feel stumped when it comes to converting Fahrenheit into more exact Celcius measurements – for example, 60F converts into 15.5555C according to Google. Is it acceptable to say 15.5C, or does it seem weird to use half degrees in speech?

Just questions to ponder. Or for you to comment on below!

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2 thoughts on “Temptations (Or: The real reason I am moving)

  1. Marco

    I have to say, these were the best brownies I’ve made so far (for the record, no dubious ingredients) as they were moist and creamy inside, like they should be.

    And if you mention chocolate, you also have to bring up the chocolate covered (stroop)wafels.
    Though that might be a blog post in its own right, since I got you hooked on those 😉

    And I’d just go with 15 or 16 degrees. Unless you’re talking to a weather man, I don’t think anyone cares or notices the difference.

  2. Jim

    I’m envious Marco, my brownies always turn out like a cake and not moist inside. I might as well just make a cake!

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