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Healthy birthday cookies (Or: Is there really such a thing?)

Tomorrow is my birthday and I decided to spend it going to work. Eek.

Actually, yes, but I am taking Friday off. Part of the reason I am going in tomorrow is because it is the monthly post-corona “common office day” where everyone is asked to come in so we can remember what we look like in person. (I kid, I kid. I see most of my coworkers once a week.) Since everyone is in the office together tomorrow we decided to do a potluck lunch. Aka a lunch where everyone brings something in.

Since I am not much of a cook, I decided to bake cookies. Unfortunately, I am not much of a baker either, so Marco was of great help there.

I chose a recipe for oatmeal cookies with banana (no sugar added):

This was originally a Dutch recipe (original website). As happens every once in a while, I had to look up what havermout is. Apparently it is quick cooking oats, which just brings up childhood memories of my parents eating oatmeal for breakfast.

The recipe contains quick cooking oats, raisins, almonds, cinnamon powder, baking powder, banana and apples. I chose Granny Smith apples as those are nice and sour, and I added some lemon zest for a flavor contrast.

I am not going to lie. The cookies look a bit ugly, but I made them (with a lot of help from Marco!).

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Anyone up for cookies? (Or: Spotted at Albert Heijn)

While shopping at Albert Heijn I noticed they had gingerbread men baking mixes:

The box is in the upper right. Of course I’m not sure if it is actually gingerbread, since the box calls them “Winter holiday cookies”, translated.

And even though you can’t really see it in my photo above, if you go to AH’s website you will see that the box says (in the bottom left): “Good for Halloween, Sinterklaas and Christmas!”

I’m trying to imagine making gingerbread men for Halloween, but I can’t.

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Weekend baking (Or: Lemon sugar cookies)

Over the weekend Marco and I baked lemon sugar cookies:

It has become a nice ritual in these corona times – last week we also made cookies from a ‘all in one’ baking kit. The box was for chocolate chunk cookies but we replaced the chocolate with Reese’s pieces (but a knockoff brand). We decided to divide the recipe in two as it said it would make 4 dozen cookies… yeah, we don’t have anyone to share them with, so no go!

We used our Joseph Joseph adjustable rolling pin for the first time during this bake as the recipe called for cookies of 1/4th inch thickness. The rolling pin comes with a set of ‘rings’ of 1/16, 1/6, 1/4 and 3/8ths inch so that you can always get the perfect thickness. It worked really well actually!

We didn’t have a proper cookie cutter so we simply used an empty container that was previously filled with ‘chocoladestukjes hagelsteentjes‘ (tiny pieces of dark, milk and white chocolate).

Now the question is what we will bake next week… any ideas?

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Awwww (Or: birthdays and romance)

From Marco. 🙂


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Cinnamon rolls (Or: Marco the master baker)

Here’s what Marco decided to bake today. Cinnamon rolls!

cinnamon rolls

If you’re Roger, you should be happy since that means you get to eat some during coffee tonight!

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A surprise (Or: Soft pretzels made from scratch)

One of the things that I miss from America is Super Pretzels, which you could pick up at the Shoprite grocery chain.  They are frozen pretzels which you could microwave in about 60 seconds.

And of course there’s the addiction to the Madison Square Garden soft pretzels, with hot cheese to dip it in…yum.

Tonight Marco surprised me with this:

figure 8 soft pretzels made from scratch

As a joke he made them into simple figure 8’s, rather than the more traditional pretzel shape. They taste awesome! We’re currently enjoying our spoils with a white beer, Korenwolf, with a dash of lemon juice for added flavor.

Go Friday!

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Temptations (Or: The real reason I am moving)

Hold on to the edge of your seats. I am going to give you a shocker. The real reason I am moving…

is chocolate!

That’s right folks. Marco had a craving for sweets a few days ago, and brownie mix was all he had in the house. So he whipped up a batch and then sent me the evidence. Tempting, tempting…

Marco’s brownies that he made from scratch

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