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Awwww (Or: birthdays and romance)

From Marco. 🙂


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Cinnamon rolls (Or: Marco the master baker)

Here’s what Marco decided to bake today. Cinnamon rolls!

cinnamon rolls

If you’re Roger, you should be happy since that means you get to eat some during coffee tonight!

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A surprise (Or: Soft pretzels made from scratch)

One of the things that I miss from America is Super Pretzels, which you could pick up at the Shoprite grocery chain.  They are frozen pretzels which you could microwave in about 60 seconds.

And of course there’s the addiction to the Madison Square Garden soft pretzels, with hot cheese to dip it in…yum.

Tonight Marco surprised me with this:

figure 8 soft pretzels made from scratch

As a joke he made them into simple figure 8’s, rather than the more traditional pretzel shape. They taste awesome! We’re currently enjoying our spoils with a white beer, Korenwolf, with a dash of lemon juice for added flavor.

Go Friday!

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Temptations (Or: The real reason I am moving)

Hold on to the edge of your seats. I am going to give you a shocker. The real reason I am moving…

is chocolate!

That’s right folks. Marco had a craving for sweets a few days ago, and brownie mix was all he had in the house. So he whipped up a batch and then sent me the evidence. Tempting, tempting…

Marco’s brownies that he made from scratch

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