Studying (Or: Dutch lesson 12 of 14)

Almost at the end! Next week is the big test. We spent about an hour going over what what would be on it. The problem is that we are slightly behind (4 more sections to go) so she had to quickly cover what was on the test that we hadn’t learned yet. “Study this exercise! Study that exercise!” and similar. It was a bit of whirlwind.

The class sized remained about the same – maybe 10 people or so. While the teacher was pretty helpful about what to study, it also included broader things such as “study all of the chapter summaries” or “study all of the grammar exercises in the workbook”. Not a big deal, though. This class also had some little things that I didn’t know. Like “wat” is the same as “iets” (something).

Here is one thing we learned – how to express a wish. The construction of the sentence changes depending on whether you are wishing for an object (like a new tv) or wishing for an action (like the bus not being late)

Ik zou (graag) een nieuwe tv willen. (object)

It doesn’t literally translate well to English – I wish (really) a new tv want (? yikes). But in English it is: I (really) want a new tv.

Ik zou (graag) willen dat mijn toets makkelijk is. (action)

I (really) wish that my test is easy. This one translates a bit better to English, except that “is” moves to the end because that part of the sentence (my test is easy) is a sub clause.

I can’t believe there are only two weeks to go. The plan is to keep studying over the summer, even if I can’t find a class that runs over the summer itself. But this week there will be a lot of studying…

And here’s a picture from last month:

Oude Kerk in Delft

The leaning Oude Kerk (old church) in Delft, which we visited with friends. Look at it lean!

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