Landscaping (Or: Dutch gardens)

One thing the Dutch like (for the most part) is their gardens, or tuin(en). These pictures were taken near where my Dutch lessons are, although you can’t see the college building from here.

Dutch gardens in The Hague

And a closeup of another flower bush.

Dutch gardens in The Hague 2

It has been cold the last week and a half. And there has been a lot of rain lately! But to be honest, before that there wasn’t much rain, just cold weather… Maar ik ben nu een echte Nederlander. Ik klaag over het weer!

But I am now a real Dutch(wo)man. I complain about the weather!

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One thought on “Landscaping (Or: Dutch gardens)

  1. Naomi

    Haha! Ja, je bent een echte Hollandse! Klagen over het weer, dat doen wij!! 😉
    Mooie foto;s hoor. Ja, dat is het enige voordeel van regen; het mooie groen wat je er aan overhoudt. 🙂

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