Indecent exposure (Or: Americans are such prudes)

(Rejoice! The blog finally switched over to “8 months” from “9 months”. It seems to only update itself on the 1st of each month.)

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that I did not have a picture of the fountain that resides in the Binnenhof. I realized today that that was not technically correct, as I do have a picture of it… from Madurodam (the place where Dutch landmarks are done in miniature).

Binnenhof square at Madurodam

At first I thought this represented Koninginnedag, or Queen’s Day, which will happen later this month – since it is now April after all (!). But it seems this represents a day in September (the 3rd Tuesday of the month) when the Queen gives her annual speech within the Binnenhof. You can see her golden carriage near the church.

Speaking of April, anyone up for some Google Maps on your NES? I miss the NES, and the Game Genie we had (cheat coder enabler). I made it so that in Super Mario Brothers I could only die if Mario fell off the screen. No other way!

tanning in Madurodam

I was amused when I saw the above figure within Madurodam on a rooftoop. Not quite as amused when I saw a shampoo commercial at Marco’s house, though. It aired at like 9PM or something — and you saw the woman topless in the shower for a few seconds as she washed her hair. It was tasteful, though.

Just weird to see. I actually asked Marco if I saw what I thought I saw.

outdoor cafe scene in Madurodam - look closely

And then there was this picture, though the more I stare at it I wonder if another tourist came by and altered the scene a bit to make it come out like this…

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3 thoughts on “Indecent exposure (Or: Americans are such prudes)

  1. Marco

    The topless woman is not really a shocker (she is after all on her rooftop, not everyone can see her if this was RL) though obviously they did it to “shock” tourists.
    The peek up her skirt. Yeah..I still don’t know. It must be a joke as well.
    If you don’t do this on purpose, would she be sitting like that? 🙂

    The 3rd Tuesday is called “Prinsjesdag” (princes day) which harkens back to when we only have princes, not kings I’d guess?
    On this day the monarch reads their State of the Address in front of the parliament (once a year they gather here in the Binnenhof/Ridderzaal)
    After that, the ones actually doing the work (ministers, secretaries and such) convene and explain the details in the regular rooms of parliament building.

  2. Seems interesting and I’ve never been! I’m already complaining! haha!

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