48 hours (Or: It’s a long time to wait)

It’s under 48 hours until Marco and Roger arrive…

Two more days of work to go, though if it’s anything like today it should go by quick. Today we had a vending machine delivered to the lower level of the library – a healthy vending machine! It’s full of things like veggie straws, veggie chips, V8 drinks, lots of water, and more. I think we only went a whole 20 minutes before someone purchased a drink, so hopefully it finds some use.

And then I got to use my creative skills in Photoshop and make a sign mentioning the new vending machine, since it will be sort of out of the way as it’s not on the main level. I used a background from stock.xchng, my favorite website to get pictures.

I also had a professor ask me to come in on April 14, a Saturday, to teach the graduate students about the library and its resources. I had to decline, however, because my house guests will still be around then. Though I will put up some information on the course management system (Blackboard, if you have any familiarity with those) and devise an online quiz on the information presented.

Lastly, after work was a dentist appointment — another clean bill of health! — and then finishing up the cleaning by vacuuming.

Bring on Wednesday. Not the least of which because I only have one day of work while they are here – Tuesday of next week. That’s it!

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3 thoughts on “48 hours (Or: It’s a long time to wait)

  1. AnonymouslyKnown

    Oh so lucky 🙂

  2. Marco

    Down to 36 hours and I get to hijack your blog. Muhahhaha.

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