New mural by the Eat Company (Or: Apparently it wasn’t the end after all)

A few months ago I wrote a blog post about the mural by the Eat Company being painted over, after 5 years of sitting stuck in the “fall” theme. At the time it seemed like the end of an era.

A work colleague sent a tip last week that a new mural had unexpectedly appeared recently:

Although I do need to take a closer look during the day – it looks more like a giant (weatherproof) sticker than a painted mural. The texture is really nice, though.

(The stork shows up in a lot of imagery around The Hague; it is part of the official coat of arms – see also English Wikipedia.)

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2 thoughts on “New mural by the Eat Company (Or: Apparently it wasn’t the end after all)

  1. SOGOshow

    Hi there,
    We are SOGOshow, we made this mural. Glad you like it. We glad our paint skills made you believe it actually is a sticker, we do promise every bit of it was painted by us. Sophia den Breems, who made the older murals is a part of SOGO. We are an artist duo and have been working together full-time now for about 4,5 years. You can check out more of our work on FB or Insta under @sogoshow
    Have a great day
    Kind regards

    • Oh awesome! I walked past it again a few days ago and wondered again if it was actually painted. I was glad to see it looked just as good as the day it was created. Thanks for the beautiful work!

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