Chandeliers (Or: It eclipses even the art)

I have a weakness for chandeliers. I love how beautiful they look – and how they come in all shapes and sizes. I had mentioned the chandeliers in a previous post about the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. The ironic thing is that I recall those chandeliers with more fondness than the actual art itself, though that of course was beautiful too.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the chandeliers…

A chandelier in the Royal Palace of Amsterdam

A very typical looking chandelier within the palace. To me it looks “dignified” – the type of chandelier you would expect to see in a royal building. You can actually see artwork behind it on the left side as well. There’s a lot rooms in the palace, and each one has its own personality and story.

A chandelier and artwork in the background

Of course the little pieces of glass hanging from each of the candle holders is what captivated my attention here – and how well it matched the gold trim in the ceiling above. Sometimes I wish chandeliers like this were a bit lower to the ground so I can run my hands through them and see what noise it produces. Sort of like wind chimes, perhaps.

A “spidery” looking chandelier

And here is the underbelly of a chandelier that makes me think of a spider. I deliberately zoomed in to try and get the chandelier to dominate the entire picture, though again you can still see the gold trim behind.

In other news, the wind is howling outside. It’s been a very breezy day – with winds expected in the 25mph (40 kph) range, and gusts of up to 50 mph (80 kph). We had a bit of snow yesterday, though where I live it was only a hard dusting which coated the grass and made the roads a bit slushy. Up north where my coworkers live, though, they received 2-3″ of heavy wet snow. But it should melt quickly enough.

Oh, and I just realized after looking at the date, February 25, that I have been engaged to Marco for exactly two months (it was a surprise proposal on Christmas day). Boy how time flies, though of course I am eagerly counting down to the next time he comes — he and Roger are visiting around Easter time.

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