Ancient maps (Or: Inside the Royal Palace of Amsterdam)

Marco and I visited the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. It is sometimes used by Queen Beatrix during state affairs.

Prior to my visit, they had been renovating the interior of the palace, from 2005 to 2009.  When I visited, they were working on the outside of the palace. They have since finished (last month).

Royal palace of Amsterdam, the facade hidden from view during renovations

This was also the area that Marco’s phone briefly went kaput. Mostly an annoyance because we needed to contact Roger, who was going to meet up with us after he got out of work. We ended up going to Amsterdam public library and using the computer there to email him. The phone was eventually fixed with a hard reset… unfortunately that wiped all of Marco’s contacts!

Near the beginning of the palace’s interior is a map drawn into the marble floor.

floor map in the Royal Palace of Amsterdam

The areas affected by the influence of the Dutch colonies is detailed. You are allowed to walk on top of it. Notice how much of North America is missing.

Another view of the map. I’ll make more posts of the interior another day. Outside of the art showcased, the thing that fascinated me the most was the chandeliers. Weird, I know!

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