Apartment news (Or: Inside the new fridge!)

So in other news, Marco’s fridge arrived yesterday. It will take some getting used to having the freezer on the bottom, but otherwise it looks very cool. Unfortunately, it’s a bit too tall to have the microwave on top… but at least this way I can also use the microwave without having to stand on my tiptoes!

Marco's new fridge! Needs more magnets...

I suspect the fridge won’t stay magnet-less for long. My own fridge is currently covered in mementos, from New York Rangers memorabilia to pictures of my family’s dogs. But that’s for another blog post, someday. Maybe after I move and transplant most of them to the new fridge above!

Inside the new fridge. Pretty clean and spiffy!

Random food inside the fridge. Thankfully it’s been pretty cold in the Netherlands, so he was able to bag the perishables and put them outside for the night while waiting for the old fridge to defrost and this one to arrive.

While I am not posting a picture of the door, just picture the awesome Niki essentials: a bottle of yellow mustard (Tesi bon!), a bottle of Open Pit BBQ (thick and tangy original), some coca cola, and milk. And of course you have the Marco essentials: a bottle of jalapenos slices and a bottle of Dave’s insanity ghost pepper hot sauce. You can substitute it as a driveway cleaner – even the back of the bottle says so!

A look inside the freezer

And finally a look at the freezer compartment, including chicken fingers, mozarella sticks, fries, and spinach. I do love kip (chicken)!

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3 thoughts on “Apartment news (Or: Inside the new fridge!)

  1. mack

    nice fridge,where’s the vodka for the mudslides

    • Oh, I am sure it is around there somewhere!

      Hope you are enjoying your weekend, and glad to see you got off early (I assume).

  2. Marco

    You’ll see there are some bottles in the left side of the large ‘box’ (left of the “ananas (pineapple)).
    Those are erhm. grown up drinks. 😉

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