Cast in bronze (Or: A bit of Dutchness in America)

Shortly after my first visit to the Netherlands, I went to the New York Ren Faire in Tuxedo. It was a lot of fun – that was where I decided that my favorite beer (on tap at least) is Sam Adams cherry wheat. The mix of cherry and beer in the same concoction was actually rather good!

After a wait for a bus from the parking lot to the faire itself, we entered. One of the first things we came across came from the Netherlands…

"Cast in bronze" bells from the Netherlands

Imagine my surprise when I see a huge set of bells. As you’ll note on the side, you’ll see that the bells originally came from Asten, Nederland. I’ll admit that I didn’t even get past them for a good 20 minutes — I just hung around and listened. If you want to hear what they sound like, listen to this YouTube video from last year.

More information about “Cast in Bronze“.

Player of the "Cast in Bronze" bells

Here’s a picture of the gentleman inside who is controlling the bells, completely hidden in costume. After a while I was able to drag myself away… I think partly it was because I had just returned from the Netherlands, so it was nice to see some connection, no matter how random.

For another random picture…

Jousting event at NY Ren Faire

This was from the start of a jousting event near the end of the day. The lady in the foreground was in charge of making out section cheer for “our” knight (who did not win, sadly!).

Other cool stuff included a glassblower’s shop with live demonstrations, archery, and live musicians. I ended up buying a gypsy waist scarf and a pair of blue dangling earrings that are so outrageous and long I doubt I can wear them much of anywhere.

All in all, a very good day!

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One thought on “Cast in bronze (Or: A bit of Dutchness in America)

  1. I remember Tuxedo! After we moved out of Manhattan to the ‘burbs, we ended up in Sloatsburg, which isn’t too far from Tuxedo. I remember seeing the signs for it and I’d heard they host a big Ren Faire. How funny — although for NY, not so unusual — that they’d have Dutch bells there!

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