Unexpected things (Or: Maybe Letterman likes them)

While running to catch the train home a few weeks ago, Marco spotted an unexpected sight: a Steak’n’Shake restaurant. I grew up with those in the midwest, but I didn’t realize there were any on the east coast. And right next to the Late Show with David Letterman, of all things!

But we couldn’t stay and take an extended peek since we were trying to catch the train. Thankfully we did manage to make it in time. Marco even had time to run into the Toys’ R Us to take a few pictures of their Avengers display (which I believe came out today in the Netherlands).

Steak-n-shake restaurant next to David Letterman's studio

Of course since it is on some prized ground, it has to be called ‘Signature’ and have lots of neon lights. I don’t think I ever had a steak burger while at one of their restaurants — just the chicken fingers and fries meal. And the french fries are the very thin type. Dessert was always a chocolate malt for me. Usually the wait for those is pretty long, because everyone orders them!

Yum. A little bit of home, there.


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6 thoughts on “Unexpected things (Or: Maybe Letterman likes them)

  1. Lee Booth

    Pretty sure it is due to Letterman, because Roger Ebert is a fan of the place, and mentions talking about it with David:


    • Very cool, thank you 🙂 Now I really want some, as I just saw the picture of the chili (used to occasionally get that too)

  2. Is this in NYC?

    • Yes – it was a few weeks ago when Marco and Roger were visiting and we went into the city. Unfortunately we had already stopped for dinner at that point!

  3. We had Steak’n’Shake in Florida when I was growing up, and then we got them in North Carolina 15 years ago or so. Now I’m feeling hungry!

    • I know! It’s good food. And good shakes. I just always naively assumed they were only in the midwest for some reason.

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