Cool down (Or: Through the maze of water)

Spuiplein fountain in the Hague

This is the fountain where Marco and I tested our luck, near Spuiplein.

During one of the trips, Marco, his mother and I were going somewhere in the Hague (I forget where). Marco and I sort of didn’t realize where we were walking, and soon found ourselves entering this area. His mother was paying more attention and laughed at us as she walked around it.

We had time to turn around – but Marco did not. So I did not. It was a tense 12 or so seconds where I wondered if I was about to get inadvertently soaked. It wasn’t that warm of a day, so this does not sound as fun as it could be. But no – neither of us got soaked and we got through it in one piece.

As we walked out the other side, Marco’s mom was still laughing at us. Pfft!

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One thought on “Cool down (Or: Through the maze of water)

  1. Marco

    Oh, I knew what I was doing. I definitely knew what I was doing. Muhahahaha.

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