Stadhuis (Or: Ooh! Kijk! De bibliotheek!)

Sometimes a simple picture is best when the day has been long!

City hall (stadhuis) in the Hague

For me, the Hague’s city hall (stadhuis) will always be intrinsically linked the city’s public library, as they are so close to one another.  Don’t forget to hug your favorite librarian this week!


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One thought on “Stadhuis (Or: Ooh! Kijk! De bibliotheek!)

  1. I absolutely do have a favorite librarian. And I definitely will be giving her a big hug. Not only is she a whiz in the book department she is an avid gardener and shares her bounty with me. To make it even better she loves baking and surprises me with wonderful treats. No wonder I drop into our local library almost every day. The Fraser Valley Library system began in l930 and was the first library system in North America. Our Ladner village library is part of this system. Virginia

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