Binnenhof (Or: Fountains and dollar bills)

Another busy night! But I did receive an email saying that someone had found my Where’s George? dollar bill and put it in the system. Someone from New York City.

It started in Maryland back in June 2006. I was only a year graduated from college at that point. Hadn’t met Marco yet in person! It got to Pennsylvania in January of the following year. Then me last month (over 5 years later!). Then someone today in NYC.

It’s a hot day here. With that in mind, here’s a nice cooling picture of the Binnenhof fountain. Just don’t drop money in. It can’t be tracked if you do!


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One thought on “Binnenhof (Or: Fountains and dollar bills)

  1. Marco

    Our fountain is bigger than yours!
    Now for comparison you should continue the fountain theme tomorrow and post the one on the Boogaard plein. Yes, with the green water :/

    June 2006… Four months before we met.
    I think we were 2 months away from having a conversation on Avatar where you said you were a shy girl…Hah! Only the first few minutes! >:)

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