Olympics (Or: That’s a lot of volunteers)

So far my favorite part of this opening ceremony was during the industrial age, with the rising of the Olympics rings and the sparks flying from underneath. The LED lights on the stadium audience seats are pretty cool too.

The weirdest thing has been realizing this is on tape delay (just like Beijing in 2008) and that NBC in America loves to add lots of commercials to the program. Marco and Roger watched the ceremony live, with it lasting about 4 hours. With commercials, the American version lasts 4 hours (8PM – midnight EST) so there is definitely some bits that will be cut out.

50 twitter feeds to follow for the Olympics (athletes, reporters, etc.)

Bringing things a bit closer to my home…Ā Empire State Building lightning schedule – Each day of the Olympics, the Empire State Building will light a side of its building in honor of a country in the Olympics (four countries per day). The Netherlands will be featured on July 31, along with New Zealand, Brazil, and Romania.

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4 thoughts on “Olympics (Or: That’s a lot of volunteers)

  1. This is all so exciting. I ‘m glued to the tv. Nikki. Virginia

    • The coverage has been crazy so far. 5AM to 6PM on NBC, and it comes back at 8PM for tape delayed items. šŸ˜›

  2. I loooove the olympics.. Sports on tv almost 24/7!! And we are not talking espn repeat everything till you cant stand it anymore 24/7!

    • After a while you start to realize Sportscenter has looped four times…. then you feel sad.

      It’s been a hard day trying to avoid spoilers though, argh. šŸ™‚

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