Fridays (Or: Russian amusement rides and college football)

It’s Friday. Het is vrijdag!

It has been one long week, and my body would like to remind me of this fact. I felt so sluggish this week. But hopefully I can sleep in a bit tomorrow morning.

First off, I want to share with you a crazy Russian amusement ride:

My reaction:

“That’s not too bad… oh wait. Never mind.”

It seems like a bit of a slow ride, but apparently if you’re going that slow, you don’t have any centrifugal force holding you in. Instead, you are only held in by the restraints, dangling helplessly in the air.


I am also currently watching college football: Boise St. vs Michigan St. Somehow Boise is losing. Probably because they don’t have their blue turf to help them.

(Nice. They just intercepted and tied it!)

It’s good to see football back on the TV, as college football started yesterday and NFL games start this coming Wednesday. I admittedly have not watched much of the NFL preseason games, but you don’t see a lot of starters anyway. The replacement refs aren’t the best either, although I do think that the media makes them seem worse than they actually are… for the most part.

Here’s to a nice, relaxing weekend with only a few errands to run.

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