ESPN (Or: I got my baby back)

The post title is a play on the old Chili’s commercial… I want my babybackbabybackbabyback ribs. Chillll-i’s babyback ribs…

(If you are not American, you can see it in an action here, where Michael Scott from The Office sings it: :P)

As you can see from the above photo, there was a knock on the door yesterday. I opened it and saw my landlord on the other side holding an Optimum/Cablevision plastic bag. Inside was a cable box and even a new remote! He said they were giving them away for one year free (after that I believe the monthly charge applies).

The crazy thing is now I have at least 10 times as many channels as I did before I lost cable in the first place… Good times.

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2 thoughts on “ESPN (Or: I got my baby back)

  1. Marco

    Drats! We’ve never gotten to the point where you moped about missing channels and I got to gloat “I told you so!” *tries to dodge your punch* But this is much better…

  2. Aren’t you the lucky girl Niki! Virginia

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