Countdowns (Or: The passage of time)

Yesterday I helped my mother sort old family pictures (barely making a dent in the huge piles!) But one of them I found was of Oreo as a puppy. Before she learned how to sit properly…

She didn’t get much bigger than that in the last 14 or so years, although she did get… heavier. We just say she is big boned.

In other news, the WordPress countdown widget is now under a month, and is counting down days!



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6 thoughts on “Countdowns (Or: The passage of time)

  1. Marco

    Cute picture of Oreo! 🙂

  2. Oreo rules!

  3. verosupertramp85

    It has been a while since I don’t Conner or write a post. Anyways, when I moved to The Hague I also went through old stuff, I nostalgic… I think you are going to enjoy here very much… We could meet and have some tea or coffee 😛

  4. Awwww Oreo is still around?? 🙂 April got put down last month at only 12 years. 😦 Still really sad about it.

    • Sorry to hear about April. She was a cutie! Though it was amusing to see how her body shape changed after getting fixed!

      Oreo is hanging in there – but she’s definitely an old lady. She sleeps most of the day, though tends to get some spunk in her around 4:30 when dad gets home. She has her own ramp for the deck steps in the backyard. At this point she’s on joint medication (stage 2 of 3) to help her mobility. It was kind of annoying to say goodbye this time, since I doubt I will see her again. 😛

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