Chicago (Or: Ferris wheel at Navy Pier)

I never had the guts to go on this ferris wheel. It’s taller in person than it looks.

Navy Pier ferris wheel in Chicago, December 2011

Height: 150 feet

Seats: 40 gondulas seating up to 6 each

Time: 7 minutes

Navy Pier information (Wikipedia)



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3 thoughts on “Chicago (Or: Ferris wheel at Navy Pier)

  1. I share you reluctance. I look at the Ferris Wheel in London and think – are those people out of their minds!! Virginia

  2. Marco

    Hah. That totally brought back some memories 😉 The Christmas fair at the end of the pier.
    The strong winds walking there..then the warmth when we were inside, only to go back outside because we wanted pictures of the ferris wheel. Good times 😉

  3. That was also the day we almost found the magnificent mile? *grin*

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