Cleaning (Or: Six trash bags so far)

So today’s fun was cleaning out the closet. I did a pretty good job – the only thing that is left is the clothes that are normally hanging there. But everything else is gone (from the shelves, floor, and top of it).

cleared out closet

So far I have thrown out another three trash bags, and my landlord was kind enough to take my old, broken down luggage pieces to a nearby dumpster which he has access to. I might do another bag tonight, but probably not anything more.

cleared out closet 2

Well, there is always the matter of clearing off my bed… But there’s not too much on it right now, thankfully!

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3 thoughts on “Cleaning (Or: Six trash bags so far)

  1. Henny

    I see a New York Rangers shirt !!!!!!!!!
    15 days to go ,and than ???? Olie Bollen time.

    • Goed gezien! Dat is het shirt dat ik altijd aan Niki leende als we naar de Rangers gingen. Ik heb hem op een gegeven moment maar daar gelaten. 🙂

    • I think all of us are impressed that you picked up on the Rangers shirt, especially -before- Roger made a comment on the blog post. Teehee!

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