Red glitter (Or: Christmas wishes)

The first Christmas card of the season has arrived from one of mom’s friends. This particular friend always sends out her Christmas cards the day before Thanksgiving, so that people in the local area (Chicago) get the card two days later on Friday.

Legend goes, she only missed that goal once, when she was down vacationing in Florida and everyone’s card didn’t arrive until Saturday… But otherwise, a perfect record.

red glitter Christmas card

Those specks of light you see should make it clear that the entire front of the card is covered in glitter of the red variety, minus the letters and decorations themselves. It does make me remember my childhood, when I absolutely adored glitter cards. I remember my parents finally got me a card much like this one…

But I am wiser now. I can hear the telltale scraping before I even open it, letting me know that glitter is in our midst, waiting to strike.

It’s a fun card to look at. And the few bits of stray glitter do match my red couch.

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5 thoughts on “Red glitter (Or: Christmas wishes)

  1. I remember while working in the storage department back in the day that during Christmas season i would come home covered in glitter daily.. From cards, to decorations to god knows what else, everything seemed to give off glitter.. Good times..

    Good luck getting all of those bits off the couch!

    • *snicker* I can totally see that in my mind. Poor Roger. Surrounded by glitter…

      For some reason right now I am reminded of the children’s “sparkling juice” (?) they sell for New Year’s, which looks like a wine bottle. I think there’s a girl and a boy on the bottle and it’s sold at Hema. Random memories!

      • Jip & Janneke!! (They are the characters on the bottle.) I remember receiving a bottle when i left my job in the Hague because my boss figured i wouldn’t drink a bottle of Champagne.

  2. Marco

    Oh that reminds me, Roger..
    I sent a bottle of sparkling apple juice to your house…did you get it?

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