Weight (Or: Red plates from Macy’s

A few years ago, around the time when I first moved into this apartment, I decided I wanted to have some “real plates”, especially as Marco and Roger would be stopping by a lot. I had my eye set on some red plates at Macy’s, a department store. So the next time they were in town, we took a trip to the Palisades Center to get said plates.

We grabbed three of them (since there are only three of us!). But after we got them to the check-out counter, the sales woman said they were buy one get one free, and did I want a fourth one? Sure…

And the check out counter was actually in the children’s department, which wasn’t that far off from the area the plates were in, I believe. But they weren’t really set up for wrapping fragile items, something I hadn’t considered. So the sales woman had to disappear for a minute to get wrapping materials. By then a line started to form. But we survived.

Macys red plates

The question, though, was how Marco survived. As we knew we wanted the plates, he had brought his backpack to carry them. But carrying all four plates on your back up a hill is torture. (Or so I have heard.)

The only downside to these plates are that they are heavy… which is not something you consider until you have to wash and dry them a lot. It hurts the wrists! The plates were also a bit on the large side – they fit in the microwave but were too large to rotate, and they fit on the dining table… barely.

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One thought on “Weight (Or: Red plates from Macy’s

  1. I had some white plates like that, both large and small, and I still miss them. I had wanted them for so long and got them as Christmas presents from my parents, but didn’t bring them with me because of the weight. Xenos has some, but we’ve had other things to spend the money on. Maybe I should just buy one at a time. 😉

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