Dogs (Or: New York Oktoberfest

In October I went with my coworker to the New York Oktoberfest in Bear Mountain. Lots of fun was had, and lots of beer was drunk.

But one thing that was very surprising was the amount of dogs that were at this event. Easily dozens – from very small breeds to very large breeds. (And sadly one small breed that was veryyy overweight.)

Here were a few dog pictures that my coworker took:

tired dog at New York Oktoberfest

Possibly my favorite dog that I saw that day. The poor thing was so tired. Its owner was waiting in line for a beer refill. Every minute or so the line would advance, and the owner would tug on its leash to get the dog to move. It eventually would move the required few feet – and then plop down again tiredly after. Repeat a dozen times.

dog at New York Oktoberfest

For this picture, I liked the dog framed against the human walking past in a blur. I actually saved it from the delete button on her camera, I liked it that much. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Dogs (Or: New York Oktoberfest

  1. AlwaysLearning

    I am confused – is this coworker also a friend? If so, she is lucky to have you in his/her life.

    • Yes. 🙂 I just don’t want to give too much info as she prefers her online presence to be a bit more low key. 😉 But I would not call her lucky per se to have me in her life. We’re both pretty crazy! *blink*

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