Goodbyes (Or: Wrapping up at work

Friday the 14th is my last day at my job. It’s going to be very weird to not go back there again. I have walked the entry cobblestone path countless times, in warmth and cold; rain and snow.

This past week I wrote up a form letter of sorts to send to various faculty members that I have worked with over the past three and a half years on my job. The goal of the email was twofold: one, to let them know when my last day was, and two, to let them know a few details about my replacement. What her experience was, where she worked last, and similar things.

I put a lot of work into the information literacy aspect of this position and have spent time building up my relationship with the faculty for the benefit of the library. I don’t want to see things slide backward too far before they take off in a forward direction again… to be clear, she has a lot more experience than I do, so I am really hoping that things move forward even faster now. Hopefully.

I have also started to clear out my work drawers, but that is always an uphill battle! I was never a person who liked paper on my desk, but sometimes it is hard to escape it…

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4 thoughts on “Goodbyes (Or: Wrapping up at work

  1. keith

    I wish you all the luck in the World and much happiness………..

  2. That last day is going to be a killer Niki. There is a lot happening in your life right now. My thoughts and all wonderful good wishes are with you and Marco in this next adventure in your life together. Virginia

    • I am not sure how much I will remember of the last day. It will probably be a blur! Thank you.


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