Albert Heijn (Or: Impulse buys / keukenmini’s)

Today I spent more than €15 at Albert Heijn. That, of course, means that I was given a keukenmini!

Albert Heijn 50 gratis keukenminis

an unwrapped keukenmini and an example of a keukenmini on the right (an empty box of rice)

keuken = kitchen. So it’s a mini “toy” for kids to play with. Of course, to really play with it the parents need to buy the stove for €15. The stove is a few feet tall and the idle place to put the mini items that your parents get for spending €15…

Of course, if you’re on this side of the pond (the Netherlands) and you are desperate to find the last remaining keukenmini your child needs, you can always try – an Ebay website of sorts.

I figure the reason Albert Heijn needs to entice the kids in such a way is because it doesn’t have the traditional impulse buys American children have right next to the cash register’s conveyor belt. Candy.

Can I have a candy bar Mommy?

Can I? Can I pleeeeease have the candy bar?

So yeah. Albert Heijn has to get the kid’s attention somehow!

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2 thoughts on “Albert Heijn (Or: Impulse buys / keukenmini’s)

  1. Actually some cash registers do have candy near them, just not as obvious and elaborate as Shoprite and the like. Also, no Soap Digest anywhere!! *gasp*

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