Gemeente Museum (Or: Delft blauw and other pieces)

Yesterday I posted a picture of what Marco’s mother bought – two Delft blauw cat figurines. We went to the Gemeente Museum. Both tickets were free because I received a sleutelhanger (key ring) when I signed up for a library card at The Hague’s public library. The key ring is enough to get free admission (through March) for yourself as well as friends and family.

So we decided to make an afternoon of it, and have lunch there as well. Here are some of the pictures I took. (Mostly sculptures and other non-paintings, as you aren’t allowed to take pictures of paintings.)

First, my favorite piece, and also the first thing I laid eyes on:

Gemeente Museum orange glass sculpture

Its color makes it very noticeable from across the room.

Gemeente Museum Chinees blauw sculpture

An example of Chinese blue and white porcelain, which was the inspiration for “Delft Blauw” or Delft blue.

Gemeente Museum baby in crib Delft blauw

Delft blauw – infant

Gemeente Museum Delft blauw examples

Group of Delft Blauw porcelain

Gemeente Museum Delft blauw plate

Delft Blauw plate. (I especially like the holes in the edge work.)

Gemeente Museum Delft blauw sweeper

Interestingly enough, the museum history cards mentioned that most Delft Blauw was used to accentuate common household items.

Gemeente Museum horse figurines

And now for some green… an exhibition of “Noah’s Ark” animals (all porcelain was in pairs)

Gemeente Museum map drawing closeup

close up of a drawing

Gemeente Museum table setting

display of items in a table setting format

Gemeente Museum view inside dollhouse room 2

Living room of a doll house

Gemeente Museum view inside dollhouse room

Kitchen of a doll house

Gemeente Museum Virgin Mary after the death of Christ

After the crucifixion of Christ. The Virgin Mary is on the bottom middle panel, with three apostles to her left and three to her right.

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