ING (Or: New bank account)

Today Marco and I went to ING bank to set up a bank account for me. Previously I had just been withdrawing money from an ATM and using cash in stores like Albert Heijn, Hema and etc. but this can get annoying with all of the coins that begin to clutter your wallet, as the euro uses coins for 1 euro and 2 euros. The smallest bill is 5 euros. It also means I pay an ATM usage fee from Chase ($5) for using a foreign ATM. Not too bad, but if does add up.

The wait at ING was very long. It probably didn’t help that it was a Saturday afternoon… but the wait was about 25 minutes. When you enter you need to take a number from the automated machine, which is pretty common in this country it seems. There was only 4 numbers ahead of us, but both of the question & answer lines were moving rather slow. For now they have me a temporary card. In about a week a debit card with my name on it will arrive.

It is kind of funny, since my wallet has definitely started to fill up with cards. Debit card, official ID card, health insurance, library card, public transportation card, etc etc. Crazy!

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One thought on “ING (Or: New bank account)

  1. Marco

    Next time we go shopping you pay! šŸ™‚

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