More and more crowded (Or: Construction in The Hague Centrum)

Do you know what ‘construction’ is in Dutch? If you’re like me you might have said constructie (a lot of Dutch words seem to start the same and end with -ie) but alas, it is not. It’s verbouwing. Bouwen is ‘to build’ and the prefix ver ends up on a lot of Dutch words.

The Hague’s centrum area is a bit insane at the moment. Not only to you have them working on the Nieuwe Passage (a passage which links two main streets), and Marks & Spencer being built, you now have them tearing up the entire middle of the street, forcing voetgangers (pedestrians) to the left and fietsers (bicyclists) to the right. Crazy.

construction in The Hague CentrumIt’s getting to the point where I can’t quite remember what this place looked like when I was here on vacation a few years back, before any of this construction started!

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