Just outside of Dublin (Or: Glasnevin cemetery and National Botanic Gardens)

Just after Marco and I visited Kilmainham Gaol (the prison mentioned in the last post) we hopped on bus 40 around the corner to go north of the city to Glasnevin cemetery and the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin. From Kilmainham it was about a 40-45 minute ride (from the city center it would probably be closer to 25 minutes). They are right next to each other and connected so that you don’t have to walk all the way around along the main road to get to the other.

Glasnevin cemetery in Dublin

Statues near the center of the cemetery, The tower in the background is called O’Connell tower and it stands over the tomb of Daniel O’Connell.

Glasnevin cemetery in Dublin 3

It doesn’t show as well in the photos I have selected, but some parts of the cemetery are very, very crowded, with no space between grave markers. This part was a bit older and much less crowded.

Glasnevin cemetery in Dublin 2

A look at the older part of the cemetery, with some graves showing the signs of age (after 150-200 years that is to be expected…)

Glasnevin cemetery in Dublin 4

Another grave, a bit newer. You can see exactly how many burials are in this one, small plot.

Note that Marco and I walked around for about an hour and probably only saw half of the cemetery at best. There’s also a paid museum, although we didn’t visit it. After that we moved on to the National Botanic Gardens. As I mentioned it is connected to the cemetery and thus easily accessible.

Bridge near rose garden at National Botanic Gardens in Dublin

Double click a few times to get the largest size. Bridge next to the rose garden

One of the first things Marco noticed after picking up a free map of the gardens was the presence of a rose garden in the northeast corner. Oh boy! I took way too many photos there… Marco quickly found a bench to sit on and waited for me to finish (though he did look around a bit).

Close up of rose at National Botanic Gardens in Dublin

Double click a few times for a larger size. One of the roses in the rose garden, with part of the garden visible behind. Pretty! Unfortunately I find it difficult to say roses properly in Dutch (rozen) as I don’t naturally roll my Rs…

Flowers at National Botanic Gardens in Dublin

Double click a few times for a larger size. No, I have no clue what flower that is… but. I want. (If I wouldn’t kill it in two days.)

Statue of Socrates National Botanic Gardens in Dublin

Double click a few times for a larger size.

And to round out things – a statue of Socrates.

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