It’s almost Friday! (Or: Time for an apple)

This is actually a photo from last week, but I didn’t get around to posting it then so I decided to post it today.

First, the photo:

Happy almost Friday apple

And now the context:

One of my coworkers usually eats an apple or two a day. Last month during lunch I noticed she peeled her apple, so I asked her if she was going to eat the apple skin. She said no, so I ate it. Perhaps a bit weird (?) but green apples tend to be more on the sour side, and I do love sour food. (Ever had cucumber slices in vinegar with a bit of lemon juice thrown in the mix? It’s awesomely sour.) But anyway, it’s like eating apple chips – there’s always a bit of apple mixed with the skin.

So these days if she eats an apple she always puts the skins on a separate plate and brings it to my desk. She told me on Wednesday that she wouldn’t be in on Thursday, so we joked about my missing the apple skins.

Lo and behold, when I came in on Thursday there was a whole apple on my desk with the note “Happy almost Friday! :)” I liked the note so much I actually placed it under the receiver on my work phone, so when I make calls I see the note.

(P.S. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!)

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