Belgium turns orange (Or: Verstappen mania)

Here in the Netherlands you have an up-and-coming Dutch racer by the name of Max Verstappen. He’s been around for a few years, starting with the story that he was racing in Formula 1 before he had a driver’s license. Earlier in the year he won the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix.

Today is the Belgian Grand Prix, where Verstappen starts 2nd (although at the time of writing, he’s slipping back to 13th due to some car damage). But of course – Belgium has turned orange! Around 50,000 Dutchies were expected to travel to the neighboring country to be at the track. Traffic jams have been reported the entire weekend (article in Dutch) – at its worst about 2 hours extra traveling time.


Photo: Filip Cleeren

The above photo was taken by Filip Cleeren and comes from the article Analysis: Max-Mania at Spa as F1 turns orange (in English).

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