Mickey time (Or: More photos from Disneyland Paris)

I have so many photos to show, and not enough blog posts…

First, a few photos of Marco, Roger and I’s trip to Disneyland Paris with Dutch influence:

Disneyland Paris - It's a small world (Dutch)

A look at the Dutch section of the “It’s a small world” attraction – windmills, tulips and clogs of course!

Disneyland Paris - It's a small world, outside

Outside, the various translations of “It’s a small world!”. The Dutch translation is off to the right, in blue. “De wereld is maar klein, hoor!”

Silver Spur Disneyland Paris menu cover in Dutch

Restaurant menu from “Silver Spur” – a steakhouse we ate at on our last night at the park. 

(above) They had asked what country we were from. When we got to the table we were handed Dutch menus. A thoughtful gesture, but we weren’t sure how the wait staff would understand what we wanted to order. Perhaps it would be done on the “point with your finger” system.

The only confusing thing was that the dessert section read “Coffee or tea, 11 euros” in Dutch. We were very confused. How could coffee or tea cost 11 euros? We later got our hands on an English menu which read “Coffee or tea, plus a selection of desserts, 11 euros”. Okay, that makes more sense!

Disneyland Paris - Happy anniversary show.jpg

Mickey’s Happy anniversary show, with the castle in the background

Disneyland Paris - Studio tram tour

Studio tram tour: Behind the magic – showing movies and how they are made. Here is a look at a disaster scene. Love how the license plate starts with DIS…

Disneyland Paris - Studio tram tour (2)

As you can see to the left, it wasn’t really trams, but long buses. I was a bit disappointed!

Disneyland Paris - Stars on parade, mechnical dragon

Awesome mechanical dragon, during the Disney Stars on Parade performance. It also breathed fire…

Disneyland Paris - Dragon under the castle

From one dragon to another – this animatronic  dragon hides under the castle.

Disneyland Paris - Goofy's Skeletoon Street Party

Goofy’s Skeletoon Street party, in Frontierland. A way to celebrate Halloween in a not-so-scary way…

Disneyland Paris - Thunder Mountain at night

And one of my favorites – Big Thunder Mountain rollar coaster, at night

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