Reester bunny (Or: Chocolate and eggs everywhere)

Today Marco and I went to Kelly’s Expat Shopping here in The Hague. It’s a great store for American and British food and a store I’ve blogged about before. The one thing I get almost every time is Ritz crackers. Yum! Snagged another box today…

I was quite amused by the “Reester bunny” you could buy:

Reese's chocolate bunny (Or Reester bunny)

Their Easter selection is pretty good when it comes to chocolate, I must admit. Lots of Cadbury eggs.

Pop or soda for 10 euros - 12 pack

Did you know it costs 10 euros for a 12 pack of pop/soda? And that’s a discounted price! Back home you could get it for 2/$5 during the right sale. Of course, that’s just how it goes when you’re an expat so far from home.

And here is a fun photo from the Albert Heijn XL on Elandstraat:

Chocolate easter eggs for sale at Albert Heijn XL, The HagueAnyone need any chocolate eggs? There are lots of flavors to choose from… But still, it doesn’t compare to the Reester bunny. Don’t you just want to nibble on those ears?

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4 thoughts on “Reester bunny (Or: Chocolate and eggs everywhere)

  1. I remember being in Japan and spending 7 dollars on some cereal–not some sugary name brand one, but some kind of banana nut thing that came in a two litre milk carton.
    Other times, I spend a fair amount of money on peanut butter, root beer, taco kits, and some other stuff. I didn’t do it often, but every now and then, it was necessary.
    These days, I do the reverse. I go to Japanese stores and spend more than I should for Japanese sweets and drinks.

    • It is funny when you see products slowly arrive in the Netherlands from the US. First it was Oreos, then hot sauce, then barbecue sauce…. on the flip side, sriracha is now getting popular in the US while it is very common over here. That’s always fun to see in US grocery stores.

  2. minimama Henny

    MMMMMM.Reese”s.lekker,maar ook leuk.

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