The beginnings of quarantine (Or: News from The Netherlands)

This evening the Dutch government tightened their rules regarding the COVID-19 crisis which will be in effect until (at least) 6 April. Schools will be required to close from tomorrow. Cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, sport schools, daycares, sex shops and more were closed from 18:00 this evening (basically the moment the press conference ended) until 6 April. Supermarkets will remain open.

The photo above is now out of date. I took it this afternoon to show that the Central Library was closed, while the other (smaller) branches were still partially open. This was acceptable since generally only the Central Library would have more than 100 persons inside at any given time. But thanks to the new measures introduced by the Dutch government this evening, all branches are closed until 6 April.

I think that is one of the stranger things about this situation – information and rules change by the day, if not faster.

Luckily persons in ‘vital’ professions like health care, police and firefighters would be able to take their children to a free daycare, much like the system that Belgium had sent up. Although I do think both caregivers have to be in ‘vital’ professions to take advantage of this ruling. This was all but required of course – the prime minister’s opposition to closing schools was that it would mean persons in vital professions would not be able to go into work.

I’ll be interested to see what tomorrow brings…

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