Preparations for reopening (Or: Monday is the big day)

All around The Hague you see the same thing: restaurant and café owners re-arranging outside tables and chairs in preparation for the big re-opening this coming Monday at 12:00. Do we get more space if we set them out like this? Or if we set them out like this?

Grote Markt is no exception. I last posted about this area in the city centre a few weeks back.

In that post the plaza was empty, but now the plaza is again full of tables and chairs, with gates surrounding each restaurant’s area. This is to help with crowd control – visitors can no longer arrive from any angle but instead need to use designated entrances and exits.

In other news, the prime minister announced that sport schools, wellness centers, saunas and casinos will be able to open earlier than originally announced: 1 July instead of 1 September. Provided that the coronavirus situation is under control at that point, of course.

And here is some cool news for you: SpaceX/NASA is still on track to bring two astronauts to the International Space Station in a few hours – the first manned launch for SpaceX and the first since 2011 for NASA. Liftoff is scheduled for 4:33 PM EDT or 22:33 for those of us in The Netherlands. I generally watch it on my TV’s YouTube app – SpaceX has a channel there. You can also view the launch at SpaceX’s website.

ETA: looks like the launch was aborted due to bad weather. Boo! The next launch opportunity is Saturday at 3:22 PM EDT or 21:22.

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