Uninvited guests (Or: Chased by security guards)

This evening I took a photo of hooligans trespassing on the grounds of Buitenhof. I assume they took a swim to get there since they were wearing swim trunks. Ew. You couldn’t pay me to get in that water.

The photo isn’t of the best quality – this was at 10x zoom considering how far away they were. Can you spot the security guard to the right of the two gentleman, in the shadow of the tree? You can just see the white of his dress shirt. There were also 10 to 15 police agents in the area within a few minutes, including one mounted police officer trotting past. But I didn’t stick around to see how it ended.

Poor Buitenhof. It was already the site of a climate activist protest earlier this week.

As noted yesterday, Prime Minister Mark Rutte held a press conference this evening. Most of it was expected, but here are the highlights:

  • testing will be available at Schiphol airport for passengers coming from high risk areas
  • customers must leave their name and contact details if they eat out at a restaurant, café or terrace
  • customers are now required to have a seat (and stay in the seat) at restaurants, cafés or terraces. This was already said earlier, but now it is required.
  • if there is an outbreak at certain areas (restaurants, hotels, cafés, bars, theme parks, museums, etc.) they will be required to close for up to 14 days
  • local governments now have more power to decide that establishments need to close by midnight or that fans are not allowed at football games if they don’t follow the rules
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2 thoughts on “Uninvited guests (Or: Chased by security guards)

  1. Oh wow, I remember thinking that water looked horrible when I visited, can’t believe people were swimming in it

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