A flurry of colored feathers (Or: Owl graffiti)

Today’s photo is of a large piece of graffiti over on the Boomsluiterskade, not far from the Bierkade:

And as I always say: it’s not a Dutch photo without a pile of bikes in front of it!

Today’s big news: A sizable portion of The Hague (the city centre, Duindorp, Scheveningen and more) has been without electricity since just after 11 in the morning – about 37,000 households. Turns out there was a fire in one of the power stations. Luckily Marco and I didn’t have any issues – I have too much to do for work! But a lot of people were trapped in elevators, a lot of stores in the city centre and the city hall were forced to close, trams were diverted, etc. It was a bit chaotic today, that’s for sure.

There are lots of photos over at: Grote stroomstoring Den Haag na brand hoofdverdeelstation from regio15.nl

Some of the city centre had its electricity restored after a few hours, the rest is only starting to get electricity again within the last half hour. The good news is that it didn’t happen last week during the crazy heat wave. I can’t imagine that scenario. After two days of loud, rumbling storms and the occasional moments of pouring rain, it has finally started to cool down around here. Yay.

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