Finally (Or: Weekend!)

I always joke that workdays go by really fast – but weekends go by even faster. I’m glad when they finally come around again, but just about the time I start to relax it’s time to start work again.

Today we made okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes, you choose the filling) for a late lunch/early supper. Even though I was not the one julienning the carrots, I still managed to cut myself on the device while trying to clean it. Ow! Typing with a band-aid can be a bit difficult at times.

But I’ll still leave you with a feel good story – Pierre the rockhopper penguin, rehabilitating at a zoo in Perth. Apparently he passes his time in isolation by watching penguins on an iPad (from far away zoos like in Kansas City in the US and the a zoo in Scotland). He also spends his iPad time watching Pingu, a clay animation TV show about a family of penguins. Awww.

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