Dutch government considering 2020 fireworks ban (Or: No more war zones)

The Dutch government is considering a fireworks ban during New Year’s Eve due to the corona pandemic (article from notices.nl in English). A decision is expected Friday. This is probably for the best, considering this place always looks like a war zone on New Year’s Eve:

Fireworks trash at a random street corner (NYE 2012)

Check out this YouTube video of the fireworks celebrations in 2017-2018, shot from a drone. After watching the video you will understand why the Dutch government wants to ban fireworks this year. Or you can watch the video because it is very cool. That works too.

This NOS article (in Dutch) says there were 9,300 incidents last year that the police were called to, most of them fireworks related. About 400 people went to the ER, with another 900 visiting their doctor with a fireworks injury. It is not just about lowering the spread of corona, although that helps.

Today we are finally back under 5,000 daily infections, a number we last saw in the first week of October. Our high point was around 10,200-10,300 cases during this second wave. Hospitalizations are still high, though.

And now for something completely different, and cute. A black rhinoceros was born at the Blijdorp, the zoo in Rotterdam. If you click the link in the tweet you can go through the various webcams to see if you can spot the zoo’s newest arrival.

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