Wednesday evenings (Or: Food and fun by Milu)

Last Wednesday I went out for dinner and cocktails with a friend of mine. We went to Milu, a restaurant in the centre of The Hague near the Grote Kerk (literally “the big church”). It was my second time visiting – the first time was with coworkers. The restaurant’s premise is sharing dishes; we ended up having three “rounds” of food and drink.

Round #1:

Bruschetta bread and beef teriyaki with Chinese pancakes. With a green tea mojito for me.

Bruschetta bread, Milu, The Hague

Beef teriyaki and Chinese pancakes, Milu, The Hague

Green tea mojito, Milu, The Hague

Round #2:

Quesadillas and Thai curry mussels. With a Harley Quinn cocktail (bourbon, pineapple, raspberry and grenadine). Yep, I ordered it for the name…

Quesadillas, Milu, The Hague

Thai curry mussels, Milu, The Hague

It was the second time in my life that I’ve had mussels. The first was back when I still lived in the US, and a friend visited from England. We shared mussels in marinara sauce. This version was also pretty good! And I felt fairly adventurous for ordering it.

Harley Quinn cocktail, Milu, The Hague

Round #3 – a smaller round from the borrelkaart (appetizer menu), to finish off the night. Crispy chicken pieces and duck spring rolls with sesame sauce. That last one was unbelievably delicious.

Final cocktail was a strawberry basil daiquiri. It started off subtle, with a burst of strawberry at the end.

Crispy chicken and duck spring rolls, Milu, The Hague

Strawberry basil daquiri, Milu, The Hague

It was definitely a fun night. Work has been absolutely killer (e.g. longer hours) the last month or two, so it was nice to get out of work at a reasonable time and just enjoy myself. Hopefully work slows down a bit so I can start posting more regularly again!

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