A Wednesday outing (Or: Cocktails by Milu)

Last week I went out with my colleagues for Wednesday night €5 cocktails at Milu (Dutch | English). It’s a restaurant close to the Grote Kerk (a well-known church in the center of The Hague).

First drink - a spicy mango martini, chosen in honor of Marco, who loves mango stuff ;)

First drink – a spicy mango martini, chosen in honor of Marco, who loves mango stuff 😉

Actually Milu was where Marco and I had our wedding reception (back when it was known as “Het Wapon”). We hadn’t been back since it closed and this one came in, so it was admittedly weird to walk back inside and at some point to go upstairs (both the bathrooms and the festival room are there).


Second drink – an Italian lemonade, made with limoncello. And boy could I taste it!


Third drink, a Raspberry Le Flor – because I always loved cranberry vodkas back in the day.


Not my drink, but I just had to show off this awesome raspberry mojito. They also have ginger, mango and strawberry.


Delicious crispy chicken bites (although Marco’s homemade crispy chicken bites we made last night are still better!)


And to close it off – some tasty nachos.


I definitely recommend the Wednesday cocktail night. You won’t be disappointed!

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2 thoughts on “A Wednesday outing (Or: Cocktails by Milu)

  1. Henny minimama

    He Niki ziet er lekker uit ,vooral de cocktails.

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